Vinyl Insulated Windows – A Promising Solution

Tired of the warped windows of your home? It’s the right time to replace them. Seeking for an energy-efficient & cost-effective window replacement in Chicago? Vinyl insulated windows are the choice to opt for. Not only will it benefit you straight away but also in the longer run.

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What is a Vinyl Insulated Window?

Windows consist of two components; frame and glazing. Vinyl window frames are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) along with ultraviolet light stabilizers so that sunlight can’t break down the framing material.

The glazing used has low emissivity providing greater insulation. In summers, vinyl insulated windows keeps the house cool by reflecting off the rays of the sun while in winters it shields the heat from inside the house to penetrate out.

Benefits of Vinyl Insulated Window:

Some of the benefits of the increasingly popular vinyl insulated windows are:

Optimized Insulation:

Vinyl insulated windows with multi-chambered construction are preferred to optimize the insulation strength. To be thermally superior, hollow cavities in the window frame could be filled with foam or wool insulation. They have a high R-factor, which is an indicator of how good a window is thermally resistant.

Vinyl insulated windows, generally, are multi-glazed. Along with its frame, the glass selection should be carefully considered too. It contributes in increasing the degree of insulation. Vinyl insulated windows with LowE (Low Emissivity) glass have a U-factor of 0.34 Btu/h. ft² °F. The lower the U-factor, the better the window insulates.


It is one of the most significant features of products in today’s world. Vinyl insulated windows have high ratings in terms of energy efficiency.
Windows that are installed with LowE glass, reflects the heat and radiation from the sun but does not hinder the light to pass through hence reducing the energy bills because of air conditioner and heaters.

Aluminium windows have a disadvantage of not holding in the heat efficiently, therefore vinyl insulated windows wins them over.

Low Maintenance:

While selecting a window one should consider the climate they will be exposed to. The places where the climate is humid, vinyl insulated windows are a perfect solution for them as they are not susceptible to expanding, warping or rotting.

Though wooden window adds to an elegant look of the house, but they are not much resistant to the moisture content in the atmosphere & hence require a lot of maintenance. Contrary to that, vinyl insulated windows require less maintenance and are even scratch free & need no scraping or painting.


Aluminium windows are the cheapest option, but their energy efficiency is not what is required by a customer. Whereas, vinyl insulated windows not only save money on utility bills but also doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Vinyl insulated windows are hard-wearing and affordable. They can be customized giving your house a look that is uniquely yours. So, if you are deciding which type of window to go for, hopefully this article helped you in making a better selection.